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Updated Teaching: The King of Aspiration Prayers

Why do many masters of Han and Tibetan Buddhism attach great importance to The King of Aspiration Prayers?

Because it can block the door to the three lower realms and allow us to be free from harmful friends and all obstacles in our practice; it provides a favorable condition for us to behold Buddha Amitabha soon.

His Holiness once said, “During the course of our practice, there are many sadhanas of wrathful deities aiming to remove obstacles, such as the Kagyé which includes the practices of Vajrakilaya and Hayagriva. Nonetheless, if people who do these wrathful practices did not reach a certain level in Dzogchen realization or in the generation and completion phase, then although these practices are excellent, the practitioners won’t necessarily succeed. Instead, if one recites The King of Aspiration Prayers with a compassionate motivation, all hindrances and obstacles to their Dharma practices will disappear.”

The videos of Lecture 7 to 12 are available. Please click here to watch them.