The Sword of Wisdom

The Sword of Wisdom for Thoroughly Ascertaining Reality is one of the most important works of Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche. Despite its brevity, the depth of its content is extraordinary. Presenting such topics as the two truths, the four principles of reasoning, valid cognition, the four reliances and the eight treasures of eloquence in a direct and logical way; it enables us to establish faith in the Buddha’s teachings and to understand the true nature of reality.

Although consisting of only 104 verses, this short treatise provides rich insight into the Nyingma teachings on valid cognition and presents a profound new understanding of the conventional and the ultimate truth. By mastering the two truths through applying the four principles and following precisely the four reliances, profound wisdom will arise and as a result, the eight treasures of eloquence that are sealed within our nature of awareness will be revealed.

Through the sharp sword-like wisdom cultivated by studying this treatise, we will be able to completely grasp the ultimate meaning of all the Buddha’s teachings and we will accomplish realization of the conventional and ultimate truths. Thereby, we will be able to effortlessly eradicate all wrong views and generate the supreme right view and conviction in the true reality of phenomena. In this way, we will break free from afflictions, and moreover, the fruit of profound wisdom will naturally arise in our minds. This is the path that leads to great bliss, a path worthy for all to cultivate.


If our mental continuums always remain in an ordinary being’s state, we will keep indulging in samsara with great pain and delusion. However, when wisdom and compassion that surpass our present situation arise through continuous efforts, we will understand how truly inconceivable the Buddhadharma is in power and in blessing.

In this world, innumerable sentient beings are in the pitiful condition of being trapped in the net of ignorance and afflictions. In what manner can we destroy this net and break free from it? Precisely with the sword of wisdom. Without the sword of wisdom, sentient beings remain trapped in this net, and are never able to liberate themselves.



When contemplating the four principles,

Relying upon which, to ascertain the two truths,

It brings the functions of the four reliances.

From within these immaculate, supreme causes,

The fruit of profound wisdom arises,

Perfectly illuminating everything.

Thus, sealed in the nature of awareness,

The eight treasures of eloquence are revealed.