Wang Dü: The Great Cloud of Blessings

Wang Dü, The Great Clouds of Blessings: The Prayer That Magnetizes All That Appears and All That Exists is a “pure vision” teaching, which arose in the wisdom mind of Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche. As a prayer for accomplishing the activity of magnetizing, it has the extraordinary quality of bringing within one’s power, all phenomena in the entire universe. More importantly, it can bestow the ability to tame one’s mind.

Therefore, it can be said to have two main effects: one outer and one inner. By relying on the prayer, one gains, in the outer sense, the ability to benefit all living beings, while its inner effect offers one the ability to control discursive thoughts and thereby attain full control of the body and the mind. As a result, not only will our mental afflictions cease, but we will be able to master all external phenomena as well.

Due to these incredible attributes, Wang Dü is a highly valued Dharma practice at Larung Gar. Every teaching and every tutorial begins with three recitations of this prayer. His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche, the founder of Larung Gar, always had the highest regard for Wang Dü. At any holy site he visited, he would recite this prayer at least three times. The success of the Dharma activities of His Holiness can be attributed to the practice of Wang Dü. This resulted in Larung Gar becoming one of the most influential Dharma centers in the world today.

Thus, for those who wish to gain command of their own minds and spread the Dharma to benefit sentient beings, it is very important to accomplish magnetizing activity. By practicing magnetizing and receiving the blessings of the deities, dakinis, and Dharma protectors associated with magnetizing activities, one will find that both the body and mind gradually come under control and one’s problems change for the better. One’s Dharma activities will also be accomplished without any difficulties. This is true, even for ordinary people.


All of the external disharmony that we experience is fundamentally caused by a loss of control over our own body and mind. If we can practice magnetizing activity well, we will gain control over our body and mind and consequently will be able to exercise greater influence over all external conditions.

In this degenerate age, most people have difficulty truly absorbing the Dharma because they lack the quality of inner strength; their path in learning the Dharma is filled with obstacles. If this is true for you, by practicing magnetizing activity, you will develop inner strength and be able to integrate the Dharma into your mind more easily. Then, no matter what kind of obstacles you may encounter, you will be capable of overcoming them.

If you wish to accomplish magnetizing activity, you should first establish a connection with the magnetizing deities. Specifically, you should merge your body, speech, and mind with theirs. To unite with the deities’ vajra bodies, Buddhist masters visualize their own body in the form of a magnetizing deity. This is the most effective method. If you are unfamiliar with such advanced practices, an alternative would be to retain the image of the nine deities and to make offerings to them.

Living in the world, one is inevitably confronted with the problems of relationships, money, social status, and so forth, which leads to great suffering and unhappiness in people’s hearts. The activity of magnetizing will create positive effects in dealing with these issues of daily life. His Holiness once said: “In addition to benefiting sentient beings, those who have accomplished the activities of magnetizing will improve their own lives as well.”



I chant this prayer when on pilgrimage or anytime I see a statue of a victorious buddha. If I don’t have the time to recite a longer prayer of aspiration, I will chant this prayer a minimum of three times. In the same way, I’d like to encourage everyone to understand the importance of Wang Dü and to hold it as an essential prayer to practice throughout their entire lives.