Meditation-Change Your Life

Meditation, as a popular practice nowadays, brings us calm and relieves us from the hectic pace and demands of modern life. However, as Mahayana practitioners, meditation should serve mainly for the purpose of benefiting sentient beings, such as the taming of the mind of oneself and others.
As a matter of fact, the universe and beings are the manifestations of the mind, happiness and sorrow come from the mind. Anyone who can thoroughly understand this truth and master one’s mind, will bring temporary and everlasting happiness to oneself and all sentient beings.
In the Sūtra Requested by Subāhu, it is said, “This mind is like lightning, wind, and clouds, like the waves of a giant ocean, cunning, indulging in everything it desires, moving, straying—I must certainly tame it.”


Lecturer: Dharma teacher of Wisdom & Compassion Dharma University
Fee: Free
Dates: 4:00-6:00 PM (China Standard Time UTC+08:00) every Sunday starting from September 1st, 2019
Duration: about 12 weeks


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