Sigalovada Sutta—the Buddha’s advice to Sigalaka

The Sigalovada Sutta is an exposition of the domestic and social duty for laity according to the Buddhist point of view. It unfolds a code of conduct for the improvement of one’s spirituality and the maintenance of positive social relations. These would lead to happiness in this life and after. The Buddha’s doctrine on loving-kindness and good will among people is here to inspire and reinforce the domestic and social ethics in details. Indeed, the Sigalovada Sutta is a useful guide for a harmonious society — something we’ve all anticipated to see in this age of degeneration.


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Four Causes and Four Harmful Deeds

Chapter 3 - Six Ways of Squandering Wealth

Chapter 4 - How to Choose Friends

Chapter 5 - How to Protect The Six Directions

Sigalaka, a young man who learns to establish different kinds of relationships in an appropriate manner, we should all consider ourselves as him, because by doing so, we’ll receive joy and happiness in this and all future lives.