Stream of Nectar That Cures All Diseases

Mipham Rinpoche’s Stream of Nectar That Cures All Diseases is a pithy and practical guide to transform the scourges of disease into a path to enlightenment. As Mipham Rinpoche wrote in the text, one who is tortured by illness should practice it. By so doing, one can remove obscurations, accumulate merits, and be purified from the soil of suffering from disease. This text provides powerful methods which as long as we learn and practice them diligently, we would be able to easily cope with illnesses and move forward along the path to liberation.


Audios (with simultaneous English translation)

The suffering of sickness is not suffering,

It is the Dharmakaya of Great Bliss.

To Yogis who have come to this realization,

Being sick or not makes no difference.