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The King of Aspiration Prayers

The King of Aspiration Prayers is the king of all prayers for making aspirations. Appearing at the end of the 40-scroll Avatamsaka Sutra, it contains all the power and significance of that profound sutra. By practicing it, one will get rid of all negative karma, and obtain worldly prosperity and happiness in all lifetimes. Moreover, one will take rebirth in Sukhavati and attain the ultimate enlightenment.

Considering its great benefit, H. H. Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche placed great importance on The King of Aspiration Prayers. Whenever he visited a holy site, he always aspired with this prayer. At Larung Gar, this aspiration prayer is recited at every Dharma teaching and assembly.

This series of 12 lectures will provide you with a deeper understanding of this great prayer, and let you know how to put it into practice.

Videos of lecture 1 to lecture 6 are now available. Please click here to find them. The rest of the teaching will come soon, please pay attention to our news release.