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Forgiveness Can Dissolve All Conflicts

When conflict happens between friends, understanding and forgiveness is the best way to resolve the problem and reconcile the differences.

Forgiveness can Dissolve all Conflicts

As we know, different people grow up in different environments and have different habits and predilections. Also, their virtuous roots and causal conditions are quite different, so it is natural that sometimes people have inharmonious relationships.

I personally believe the best practice is forgiveness, because if you forgive someone, you can better understand that person without any negative emotion. Then again, a better understanding of this person will help you to genuinely forgive him. When we see people around us not getting along very well, we should try our best to help them understand and forgive each other.

If we ourselves have some conflicts with others, we should open our minds and be more tolerant of others’ behavior. In fact, inharmonious relationships are rooted in people’s attitudes. If we can hold good attitudes and have concern for others, all disagreements can be easily resolved. Even those conflicts between countries and nationalities usually come from people’s inner desires and hatred. Actually, any kinds of desires and hatred can be controlled by adopting an altruistic attitude.