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The Basis for Buddhist Meditation

For those who wish to follow the path of Buddhism, it’s essential to study extensively and systematically as only in this way can one truly understand the Dharma, and by gaining such an understanding progress in practice will also be achieved.

The Basis for Buddhist Meditation


Dear Rinpoche, I come from China and have always paid close attention to your microblog. A few days ago, you wrote on your microblog that you experienced a Zen-like state of peace when eating an avocado. For people like us who have not systematically studied the Buddha Dharma, how could we engage in meditation in our daily behavior, such as eating, walking, etc.?

Khenpo Sodargye:

Nowadays there are many people who have faith in Buddhism and study the Dharma, and I really think a systematic study of Dharma is of great importance. In Tibetan monasteries it is a must to study the Dharma in a comprehensive and systematic way, and then to practice step by step, yet it may be difficult for lay practitioners to do that. Whether studying or practicing the Dharma, it’s very important to read extensively and to rely on an authentic teacher.

These days, some people say pretentiously that Buddhism is about emptiness and prajna, however, when they interpret these views of Buddhism, they just use some vague terminology, which reflects their one-sided understanding. Actually, whether in practice or in theoretical study, it’s difficult to find a shortcut to effortlessly attain great achievement.

Anyway, when following a belief system, whether it’s Buddhism or any other religion, a long-term study is essential. Extensive reading is also necessary for those who want to study and practice Buddhism, like many teachers here who have spent over 20 or 30 years studying the Dharma. I deeply rejoice at what they do, for only by doing so, can one truly understand the Dharma, otherwise, it will be very difficult. As for practice, it is even harder to achieve anything without systematic study.

For example, most of the stanzas that I presented in my talk today are extracted from what I’ve accumulated over many years of reading and study. When I quote them it’s just like withdrawing treasures which have been saved for years from my “ATM machine.” Therefore, long-term systematic study is very crucial.