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How to Face the Loss of a Loved One?

Sometimes, one has to, though unwillingly, face the passing of a loved one. This probably has happened, and will happen, to most of us. However, if we can prepare ourselves with some understanding of the principle of impermanence, then even if the sad moment comes, we won’t be overwhelmed by devastating sorrow.    

How to Face the Loss of a Loved One?


You mentioned the American couple who lost their daughter but were able to overcome their negative emotions. How can we handle a similar situation where a loved one is going to pass away or has passed away? Thanks.

Khenpo Sodargye:

About the separation between couples, Buddha once said, “Whatever comes together is impermanent and is bound to come apart. Whatever is born is impermanent and is bound to die.” In other words, whatever is brought together will fall apart, and the end of every birth is nothing other than death. This is a clear demonstration that the nature of everything is impermanent.

If we can contemplate impermanence often in daily life, then no matter if faced with the separation of a spouse or the departure of a family member or close friend; by understanding the nature of impermanence we won’t be overwhelmed by the suffering brought about by this kind of separation. We would have the foreknowledge, that it is merely an example of the principle of impermanence.