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Do Not Disturb the Minds of Others

One of the last key messages from His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok was “Do not disturb others’ minds.” It suggests avoiding the unpleasant parts of relationships, especially when dealing with our family members, friends and colleagues, as it is our karmic affinity that brings us together. Trying not to disturb the mind of others is a practice of cultivating compassion, and is a good way to bring peace to both ourselves and those around us.

Do Not Disturb the Minds of Others

We should try our best not to disturb the minds of others. Do not disturb the minds of our family members, such as our parents and our children, and those who are around and close to us, such as our colleagues and friends. These people actually have very close karmic connections with us, so we should try not to disturb their minds.

People who have a bad temper or who don’t have a kind personality, resemble fire. Just as fire burn things around it, people with a bad temper can negatively impact those around them. When they get angry, others around them may feel scared. People with anger tendencies who haven’t tamed their minds may behave in a scary and frightening way.

The mind of not disturbing others, or in other words, the cultivation of compassion, is something every one of you should work on every day. In addition, try to help those around you cultivate compassion. For your children, nurture their compassion at a very young age, try not to let them lose control of their temper easily, and never let them abuse the animals around them.