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How to Transform Suffering into Wisdom and Ultimate Bliss?

Suffering is a part of our life that no one can escape from. But it doesn’t mean that we can do nothing but wait to be struck by it passively. If you observe the nature of suffering carefully, you will find surprisingly that it has no intrinsic existence. Then, at the very moment, you’ll be released from its negative effect now and forever.

How to Transform Suffering into Wisdom and Ultimate Bliss?


I have a question about suffering. As you pointed out that suffering is a part of our life and we are actually living through suffering, then once we accept the fact, can we transform it into happiness?


Khenpo Sodargye:

When we are experiencing suffering, if we want to transform it into happiness, we need to understand that suffering has no intrinsic existence. For example, when we experience severe pain in our daily life, we cannot find the pain externally or internally. It is not in the past, and it is not in the future, and the so-called present is just a split second. If we can observe and recognize the essence of the suffering when we feel it, it can be converted to wisdom. Then we will have no suffering and can obtain the supreme peace and happiness. Good practitioners can definitely achieve that.