Meditation Categories 9. Generating Bodhicitta

86. Paramita of Meditative Concentration III — Contemplate the Faults of Associating with the Foolish

Longchen Nyingtik Meditation 86

The Beginning

Take refuge and arouse bodhicitta.

The Main Part

We must be cautious about associating ourselves with people of bad disposition. Whether they are monastics, householders, relatives, enemies, or friends, beware of their fallacies, for example: being depraved or ungrateful; repaying helpful gestures with harmful ones; being intensely desirous, discontented, crass, or hateful; saying biting words to hurt people; being egocentric, heartless, or faithless; abandoning friends when they are down and out; being shameless; being unscrupulous about observing precepts and karmic laws; indulging in petty matters; being hard to please; engaging in strife constantly; being bellicose and envious; harming and deceiving others, and wasting their human lives.

As long as you keep company with these harmful individuals, your positive actions will dwindle and non-virtuous ones multiply. Sublime beings also shun this kind of person. Therefore, resolve: In order to overcome obstacles of accomplishing authentic liberation, I must not associate myself with those who are spiritually undisciplined; I must practice meditative quiescence in solitude.

The Ending

Dedicate the merit of your practice to all sentient beings.