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Combine Theoretical Study with Practice for Happiness

Will Tibetan language, culture, or Buddhist philosophy make you happy? These days, Tibetan Buddhism is becoming more and more popular in modern China, as well as in many Western countries. But intellectual understanding itself is not enough. Only if you can combine the knowledge gained through study with your personal practice, can you experience the same peace and happiness as senior practitioners.

Combine Theoretical Study with Practice for Happiness

While I believe that the theoretical study of Tibetan Buddhism is important, to remain at this level is not sufficient. In Tibetan Buddhism, there are many types of practice, but we can only attain realization if we combine practice with theoretical study. Nowadays some people focus only on theoretical study and thus can neither develop an understanding of the profound meaning of the Dharma or the supreme behavior of enlightenment, nor can they achieve a true conviction towards the Dharma for themselves.

These days, many people, whether they are American or European, have mastered the Tibetan language and are also studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism. This pleases me profoundly. Why am I so glad about this? It is because I have also been studying Tibetan Buddhism and as I have received such great benefits from my many years of study, it’s my wish that you will also receive these great benefits. As an antidote to all the chaotic things going on these days, the lineage and blessings of Tibetan Buddhism can bring us peace and happiness. So I’m really happy for all of you because I believe that anyone who learns the Dharma will undoubtedly attain benefit.

Although I’m not a great or wise man, even as a simple Buddhist practitioner, the Dharma has brought me many benefits and I believe the same will be true for all of you.