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Seven-Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche 3

When the Buddha announced that he was entering nirvana, many of his disciples broke down to tears. Buddha comforted them, “Weep no more. In the future, from the stainless ocean with brilliance of light, a noble man with transcendental qualities over me will be born. He will stay and live a boundless life.”

In fact, not only has Padmasambhava emerged during the domain of Buddha Shakyamuni, but he also appears in the lifetime of every tathagata of the Fortunate Eon to tame and benefit sentient beings with profound Vajrayana teachings.

In Lesson 3, Khenpo Sodargye shares stories of great female practitioners who attained enlightenment through tantric practices and reveals the blessing of Padmasambhava with a story of a tulku from Larung. Also, Khenpo talks about the secret prophesy that Padmasambhava will become the King of Shambhala. Together with the Army of Kalachakra, he will subdue and tame sentient beings of wrong views. Speaking that the emblem of the legion will be garuda, Khenpo teaches a simple practice of the Red Garuda. This practice can dispel obstacles, particularly the threats induced by vicious nagas. Through this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the immense power of Guru Rinpoche and his Vajrayana teachings.