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Live Course Registration — Mahayana Uttaratantra Shastra

Mahayana Uttaratantra Shastra is one of the five great treatises given by Lord Maitreya to Asanga. It is a commentary on the teachings of the third turning of Dharma Wheel in explaining the buddha nature. Many masters say it can be revered as a bridge between the sutras and tantras. It provides an important philosophical foundation for understanding the workings of the Buddhist path, particularly for Vajrayana practitioners.

宝性论-英文-人像 -日期

Lecturer: Khenpo Sodargye

When: Middle of May, 2019

Lengths of Course: About 1 year (including breaks), 2 sessions per week


Primarily in Mandarin Chinese, simultaneous interpretation is also available in English and Japanese.


Anyone who has interest in Mahayana teachings are welcome to attend this course. Khenpo Sodargye will give the oral transmission of this text in Tibetan within each session. To receive the oral transmission you need to attend live course instead of listening to recordings. Teaching videos will be available on Khenpo’s official website soon after each session. Teaching materials will be only offered to registered students.




(Now registration is closed, if you have any question, please send email to us.)

For your reference:

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