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New Video Teaching: The Sword of Wisdom for Thoroughly Ascertaining Reality

The Sword of Wisdom for Thoroughly Ascertaining Reality is one of the most important works by Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche.

Despite its brevity, its content is quite extraordinary. It explains how to understand the conventional truth and the ultimate truth through the two types of valid knowledge by means of referential reasoning. If we understand the two types of valid knowledge, i.e., the conventional and the ultimate valid knowledge, we will be able to understand the principles of the Middle Way, of the Buddhist Logic, and of the Mind-Only School.



If we deeply study and reflect on this short treatise, we will open our wisdom eyes and see the sublime path that buddhas and bodhisattvas have travelled. This path is the vehicle of bliss and the entrance into bliss. Because both of its foundation and result are blissful, it is a path of bliss, a path that no one should ever abandon.

As Mipham Rinpoche said, “This is the way of the sutra and tantra vehicles, so difficult to find. Whoever have obtained them should never let them pass in vain, fruitlessly”.

Please click here to watch Khenpo’s teaching on this precious treatise.