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Praises to the Twenty-One Taras 3

Whether we encounter certain unfavorable conditions and troubles during our practice or whenever there are bumpy situations in our career or personal life, praying to Tara would certainly be the most responsive and swiftest way to receive a blessing. There are many stories about the wonders of Tara in solving real life’s problems, such as relationship breakups, failing in business, and other similar challenges. Besides helping us to live happy and problem-free lives, Tara practice also grants us the charisma and power of attracting others and bringing them benefits as well.

In this lecture, you will get to know Tara’s invincible power in destroying foes and demonic forces, and her inconceivable ability of helping beings eliminate all types of worries, anxieties, and fears. In the teaching, Khenpo Sodargye shares stories, both in the past and present, from ordinary people to great masters. These stories talk about how Tara saved people from ferocious spirits or cancer and how one prolonged life with the instruction of Tara, and how another enjoyed a happy family life due to the blessing of Tara. Through this teaching, your faith in Tara will be strengthened. With faith, you will most likely experience the energy of Tara practice.