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Seven-Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche 4

In Lesson 4, Khenpo Sodargye continues with his detailed explanation of the Seven-Line Prayer line by line, instructing on how to visualize and pray with the Prayer, as well as the meaning of “Guru Padma Siddhi Hum”. Also, Khenpo teaches how to practice Guru Yoga, and how to remove obstacles of not having enough pure vision towards one’s guru when practicing Guru Yoga. For those who feel feeble to do complicated practices and visualization, Khenpo suggests them to do Guru Yoga or chant the Vajra Guru Mantra on a daily basis, which makes one a decent practitioner.

In the end, Khenpo sheds light on the treasure text of The Seven-Line Heart Essence, in which Guru Rinpoche himself describes the way how we should confidently pray to him. By praying in such a way, we will receive empowerment from Guru Rinpoche, our mind will be brought to maturation, thus we will be able to relieve others from pain.

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