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Seven-Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche

Now, in this time when the Dharma is declining, evil spirits and heretics are extremely active and one’s wrongful attachments and negative thoughts might surge anytime. In such a dark age, it is rather difficult to accomplish the practice through one’s own feeble effort without relying on the support of an extraordinarily powerful force. Therefore, it is crucial to pray to Guru Padmasambhava, the embodiment of all Buddhas, the Holder of the Vajra, the sovereign of vidyaharas. While there are so many prayers to Padmasambhava, the Seven-Line Prayer is the king.

In this teaching, Khenpo Sodargye explains the merit of the Seven-Line Prayer, why it is so powerful and how to meditate and practice it. Through learning it, you will gain more understanding and devotion to the Prayer. Thus, it will become your forever spiritual companion who will always protect you from all kinds of obstacles and bestow you with blessings and enlightenment.