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New Longchen Nyingtik Ngondro Available: Training in the Paramita of Diligence and Meditative Concentration

However many mundane matters we toil over, none has real meaning. However many possessions we have amassed, on the day death descends, we have to leave all of it behind, like a hair pulled out of a slab of butter, retaining nothing. What’s the point of squandering away life, day in and day out?

Only the mind accompanies us from life to life, so the only meaningful thing is to uncover the full energy of the mind through spiritual practices like meditative absorption, which will become an inexhaustible wealth. But spiritual achievement is not gained easily without any effort. Especially for Mahayana practitioners, if you remain sloppy and indolent, you won’t be able take care of yourself, how can you ever conceive of helping others?

Please click here to follow Khenpo Sodargye Rinpoche’s guidance on the practice of the paramita of diligence and meditative concentration, and you will learn how to adjust your mind so that you can become a diligent practitioner and stay concentrated without being distracted by worldly affairs.