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New Talks Available: The Reincarnation System


On November 9, 2017, Khenpo Sodargye delivered a lecture on the Tibetan reincarnation system at the invitation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Khenpo talks about the meaning of tulku, mentioning that in a broad sense it can be understood as the four emanating forms of the Buddha. It is also mentioned in the talk about tulkus recorded in Buddhist sutras like Nagarjuna, whose appearance in the world was prophesized by Buddha Shakyamuni hundreds of years ahead, and Longchenpa, who was reincarnated from a princess at the time of Padmasambhava. Khenpo also shared his viewpoint on the typical tulku system since Karmapa III in Tibet and the phenomenon of today’s so-called “Living Buddha”. In the end, Khenpo invited both faculty and students to explore the possibility of reincarnation. For further information, please go to the page of The Reincarnation System.