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New Meditation Guides on Longchen Nyingtik Ngondro: The Practice of Guru Yoga and Taking Refuge


Practice of Guru Yoga

A teacher plays an important role as the source of our progress on the spiritual path. In Tantric Buddhism emphasis is given to the practice of guru yoga. This is an expedient and quick way of unblocking obstacles and obtaining powerful blessings. Through guru yoga we can obtain what we seek in our daily life and on the spiritual path. For further information about these guides please see the page The Practice of Guru Yoga.

Practice of Taking Refuge

What differentiates the practitioner of Buddhism from the practitioner in any spiritual traditions? The answer is taking refuge in The Three Jewels. This is the starting point for formal Buddhist practice. Since taking refuge is the first of Longchen Nyingtik’s five inner preliminaries, what is the precise way of doing this practice? For further information about the meditation guides please see the page Taking Refuge.