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New Meditation Guidances on Longchen Nyingtik Nongdro are Available: How to Follow Spiritual Teachers


Longchen Nyingtik Ngondro is a very well-known and popular practice text for many who are have just entered the Vajrayana path. This practice itself contains the entire path to enlightenment, from preliminary practices to train and prepare the mind against habits of grasping to life, samsara, nirvana, to generating unsurpassable mind of enlightenment for the benefits of all sentient beings to ultimately training in pure perception.

Beginning with the training in the four common preliminaries, one will realize the uniqueness of human life, the deep meaning of impermanence, the infallible law of cause and effect, and the repetitive frustrating cycle of samsara. Then, it is a natural thing that one will want to seek for ultimate liberation and step onto the spiritual path. But the question is, who can be relied upon to learn from how to follow the spiritual path without going astray? Or do we necessarily need a teacher to rely upon in the spiritual path?

Following the meditation guidances here about Following Spiritual Teachers by Khenpo Sodargye Rinpoche, you will find a clear and definite answer by yourself.