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News Talks Available: Happy Life—Buddhadharma Can Make a Difference

Rinpoche gave a talk in Waseda University, Japan, where he reminded the audience not to forget spiritual development in the course of material pursuit if they want long-lasting happiness. He discussed subtle sufferings of change and uncontrollable emotional states of the mind which are often overlooked by non-practitioners. He emphasized that spiritual development and practices are panaceas to many of the social problems especially mental illnesses and depressions due to pressures of the modern society where material wealth are primary focus.

Given that Buddhism is an integral part of Japanese tradition, Rinpoche shared his belief that the Japanese people can play a great role in promoting key philosophies of Buddhism with respect to happiness if they channel their renowned culture of discipline and excellence into the thorough study and practice of Buddhism. He outlined the fundamental Buddhist view of emptiness and ethics based on compassion and loving kindness. By training in the view and ethics, one is combining the training one’s mind inwardly and manifesting actions outwardly to benefit the society and environment around. For videos and transcript of this talk, please go to the page of Happy Life—Buddhadharma Can Make a Difference