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New Teachings on Meditation in Life are Available: Something You Should Know About Finding Happiness

Over the centuries, pursuit of happiness is always ranked on the top priority of humanity. Especially in the modern day and time, though the overall material life is advancing ever so quickly, our level of happiness does not seem to progress at the same pace. Furthermore, as mental sufferings like depression and anxiety pervade our modern life, people have a harder time to be content and to enjoy simple happiness, such as companionship of friends and family, beauty of natural sceneries in the four seasons, or a helping hand from a stranger on the street, and many more.

Maybe it’s a proper timing that we take a step back and think carefully about happiness. Do we really know what happiness means? Are we truly clear about what kind of happiness we want to achieve, permanent or transient? Are we certain that our current way of life guarantees us the happily-ever-after ending that we want?

In order to be happy, it is necessary to have a right view of what happiness is and to know the proper method to achieve it. In these short clips, Khenpo Sodargye shares his standpoint on what happiness is, and more importantly, how to achieve it through various practical meditation skills. Please go to Meditation in Life-Happiness for these clips, and you many find the inspirations on your path to happiness.